Dead Zed 2 Unblocked

In Dead Zed 2 you find yourself in a city full of zombies. Your primary mission is of course to survive in this chaos, but at the same time you must look for other suvivors, get some supplies and discover new weapons. The game is really addictive and ineteresting - you search for survivors and assign different roles for them accprding to their skills. For example, some of them will perform better at your personal helper, while others are better at shooting or melee fighting./p>

As soon as you start playing the game, you will see crowds of zombies coming towards your house. You must shoot them all to win the level and access some bonuses like new weapons, grenades, C4 etc. Even though that your weapons at the beginning of the game are very weak, you must use them wisely to level-up to new weapons and tools. In the end of the game, you will even unlock several types of machine guns,grenade launcher and awesome assault rifles. You can carry 2 weapons in each round and switch between.

Game Controls

[Mouse] - aim and shoot.
[Q] – switch weapons.
[R] – Reload Weapon.
[1][2][3] – detonate bombs
Remember that you can assign a role of personal helper to one of survivors. He/She will reload your weapon while you are not using it and help during the battle. Enjoy playing the Dead Zed 2 Unblocked at our website.


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